07 May 2009

a mixture of good & bad happenings in a day

Had the slackiest shoot with the highest pay today.
The photog was really nice to allow me to delay the shoot to a later timing due to me having the alcohol-run in my body( yeah, i went Butter again!). He came over to my place to fetch me to our location, & we watched the tv for the whole hour. So i was paid $xxx to watch tv with him? He drove me to my school after that. LOL!

I think i'm one lucky bitch! I was driven all around in a White Mercedes Benz SLR!!!
I am so gonna "borrow" the sport car for a shoot.
The 'voomm voomm voomm' really sounded damn cool! You ought to be jealous of me!
It's the first time i sat on a real 2 seater sports car! Am i a SuaKu? But i bet not everyone sat before right??
Especially when i've reached my campus, you should really see the expression of those people looking at me the car when i alighted. For that few seconds, i felt the attention!
Damn it! If only my boyfriend drives that! HAHA!
Nah, i'm not that materialistic :)

So anyway, i met nice people in school again.
I had to go to the library to photocopy my assignment as it got crumpled. But the school was so "high tech"(i'd call that NOOB) that payments are to be made by Cashcard. I didn't have one with me, so i approached these 2 friendly-looking girls. Yeahs, the nice babe allow me to use her card & even helped me with operating the photocopier. & when i was about to return her the few cents of coins, she rejected it.
Gosh! Are they some angels sent from the heaven?

So i really thought God decided to be nice to me finally.
To let me meet nice people when i'm in awkward situation, to grant me more jobs opportunities while i'm penniless, to have many many fun-loving friends around me.

Everything was perfect till this stupid Ah Bu Neh Neh came into my life.
My "hardwork assignment" does not pay off. Instead, in exchange of an embarrassment from my lecturer. I'm perfectly alright with him rejecting my assignment, but not his sucky attitude.
I don't fucking owe you anything, you CB Dog!
What do you mean by
" if you insist of handling it up, i'll make the management to request for a redo."
" i'm not accepting this. is this a toilet paper or what? "
Mind your words, because you haven even seen my work alright!
Half the class were inside the room, some of those girls whom we aren't even friends even asked me why that Bubu Singh rejected my assignment.
So after i made the phone call to Valerie,
he came telling me "Women, if you insist of handing up, you may. But i'll guarantee you fail."
Fuck you, dog! I'm really a dog if i were to hand it up.
I have my pride & ego, so i just replied "It's ok, never you mind" & headed home.
& everyone gave those "Wah" look on me.
I can forgo that 20% marks but i cannot lose to my pride.
This is me, i won't respect him if he doesn't respect me. I'm not rude nor ill-breed, what's more i did not even do anything wrong. He's just being too much.

I was sooooooo pissed at that moment!
How i wish i could photocopy a dozen of the paper & smack them hard at his oily black face!

Mom cooked me a heart-warming meal to save up the day.

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