15 May 2009

more time please..

Neh neh.

I've so many things undone!
I really have Zero time-management!

[didn't even plan anything for birthday this year. must really thank Yingxian for planning it out for me with the Kakis. Mom told me, "economic not good, don't celebrate this year lah" ): ]

Finally i have some "peace" this week to study for my papers. But turned out that i haven't been using the time efficiently.
& now, i'm so lagging behind not able to catch up with the revisions.
I want to study, but i don't know how to start study! Contridicting uh??
Already predict that i'll be so god-damn screwed for my Statistic, even though i really tried my best to go through the notes for hours studying them last night.

So anyway, weekend is coming spells "H-U-R-R-A-Y !"
First thing first in the morning is to attend the shitty Stats paper & done with!
Then..... i don't know who to date, but i'm definitely dragging people out to relieve some stress.


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