17 June 2009

2 student theme shoot & school's out party

I skipped school today. Terrible me.

Yesterday was a hectic day for me!
This was also the day i can see the digits increasing in my bank account!

8.30-11.30am : school
1.oo-2.o0pm : photoshoot
6.00-9.00pm : photoshoot
10.00-2.00am : butter factory

I was so shag out after the second shoot. So wasn't at the dancefloor for long too!
Not many wore uniforms though, & lucky not much kiddo there. Not that fun like usual but i got in thru guestlist. So i should just shut up. LOL. Saw 2 of my classmates, Jeriel & Manfred!
The butter gang is too busy, so we (Ben & Ivan) ended up self entertainment. Which i think is kind of bored for the 2 because i spent half the time in the toilet & sitting on the sofa. Haha!

Ok, my fringe sucks here.
This is Leroy Benedict! I like his name, & it is in IC. So cool lah!

This is Ivan.

Alright, i'm tired. Off to bed. Bye!

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