22 June 2009

h1n1 shit

This has to be so shitty.

My cellphone's been receiving a couple of text messages at early morning while i was on the way to school, telling me that THERE'S ANOTHER FELLOW CONTRACTED H1N1 FROM BUTTERFACTORY ON 17 JUNE!!!

I went there on the 16th.
But i'm not quite sure whether 16th's midnight is considered as 17th or not.

You can't imagine how tensed up i am now because i've been having a cranky stuffy nose since last Friday. WTF WTF WTF! I'm not even kidding here!
Other than flu, i'm perfectly fine & am already recovering.
I've checked with my friends & some also having flu, so scary!

I immediately told my classmate whom i saw at Butter that night about this news & they give me the "heng ah, i never went in for long." reply -.-
I also wasn't inside for long, half the time was spent inside the toilet.

But still, i'm still so super touched that friends & even cousin Joel took the effort to sms me to check with me on how am i doing now, telling me to take extra care... blah blah.
That's really so sweet! Suddenly i have this feeling of being loved again. LOLLL!
Thanks thanks. I'm fine(hopefully).

Speaking of classmates, i finally made new friends in my class! I love friends!
They are really nice people actually. They definitely changed my impressions. :)

Mood was pretty bad yesterday. Decided to escape out but there's not much people i could turn to. So decided to tagged along with Janelle & Louis & be the big big lightbulb of the day.
I very thick-skinned i know, you think i like to see couple behaving so lovely while i'm like some loser continue singing like nothing happened meh? But i was kinda desperate already you see.
We went to sing KBOX!!!!!! Been ages since i last went & i really enjoyed singing with that croaky toad voice. Haha. Too bad, wasn't really on form last night but hack.

Alrighty. I got a test tomorrow & i'm forcing myself to study for it, BECAUSE EVERYONE IN MY CLASS STUDIED LIKE NUTS FOR IT & I DON'T WANT TO LOSE OUT!


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