03 June 2009



Managed to wake up for school, bought Mr Bean's pancakes & Soya milk as breakfast!
I like the renovated Queenstown station, at least there's some food for me to buy & take away to school to eat. HAHA.
Been eating spicy curry chicken flavoured maggi mee, & mcdonald meals(either as lunch or supper) for the past few days! If this continues i think i'm getting 'heaty' soon.
WW is jetting back tonight. Like finally no need to save on oversea charges anymore. Good.
Should i go out later? But i need a short nap now. That's the bad thing of having morning lessons. Mama trimmed my fringe again, now i have bang-alike fringe. Don't worry, not that totally straight kind.

2 June 09

I'm quite happy today.

Firstly, i finally successfully persuaded my Mama, & stepped into Citibank to apply for Clear CC!
Ya, i know nothing proud of it lah. You guys may have got it way more earlier then me, or with a CC that has much more credit limits then me. Whatever lor, i don't really need that much of credit either. At least i'm able to pay up the $500 limit, but definitely not $5000 or $10000.

Secondly, i've changed my classes to the morning batch(8.30-11.30am) instead of my current afternoon batch(3.30-6.30pm). Though it is awfully early in the morning, it's still much better then the stupid afternoon batch right! So even if i've overslept my morning lesson, i can still attend the afternoon one cos it's the same lecturer. It's like own time own target, as if my father owns MDIS. Best ever! HAHA!
Now that my lessons ends at 12pm everyday, it means i'll be so damn free for the rest of the day! Will be looking for part-time job instead of wasting time sitting at home.

Thirdly, a couple of shoots confirmed for coming weekend meaning more income for me. I wouldn't have to scrimp like shit like this month. Stupid school fees!

Alrights. Just 3 happy event!

Before i end,


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