29 June 2009

a monday in school

Saw Jerald in the morning & we took the train together :) He's helping me to top-up my BBDC account! Been so so long since i last drove.

Youtube-ing Ai Jiu Zai Yi Qi for whole 2hours in class, even skipping break.

I didn't know it was one of my classmate's birthday. Alright, i'm not close to her. I don't even know her name -.-
She got 2 cakes, which one was supposed to be shared among the class.
& due to some reason, i did not pay for it. I'm like the only one did not pay. I do felt very bad of cos! Someone paid for my share. Thanks!
Her boyfriend suddenly came into the class with a huge card or puzzle thingy, walked towards her & they kissed! Then, they just walked hand in hand out of the class like that! Heard that the guy skipped school just for the surprise. I swear that was damn so sweet!

God is really fair.
A simple girl will always have this kind of fairytale-like love in their life. Let's put aside having a handsome bf, but they always have a super sweet, super caring, super faithful bf. They may not be blessed with the outer, but pretty sure they will marry a good husband.
I have seen ALOT of cases already.

I seriously think i look god-damn shitty. But why fairytale story is never happen on me?!
Or maybe because i'm blessed with some other factors, that's why my love life suck this much?
They don't really suck. But just not very good either. I don't want a handsome boyfriend. I'll feel very insecure, & i hate that insecurity feeling. Ya, i have very no confident in my man. Because none could let me trust them that they won't do stuffs behind my back! Let's just say i'm unlucky.

Pardon me for the side tracking. Back to the topic.

Lecturer ended the lesson early just for her?!
So, got to find out something while heading out of the school. Ok, that was really awkward!
But i still managed to hide my awkwardness well. Told you i'm thick-skinned. LOL!
Classmate drove us back, & went to had lunch before heading home.

Oh ya, i paid a hairstylist for an unsatisfied fringe cut. Neh neh pok.

What a wordy post.

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