08 June 2009

msn down!!!! :(

Monday blues a little in the morning!

Meet up with Janelle after school. Coincidentally our class ends the same time.
Went Pioneer Mall for lunch, then lan shop-hopping from Gek Poh to Jurong Safra.
Just 2 of us & we played for almost 4 hours straight with 1 toilet break. Damn hardcore lor!
Anyway, that place is a very good hideout for lan games. Damn near my house, plus its cheap, & the environment is so damn good (spacious & no bengs/lians)!
Headed to JP for KFC snackers before getting home.

I need help with my iTouch, i wanna add applications!!!!
& my MSN is down!!!
why like that???? :( :( :(

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