24 June 2009

singing-fixed is never enough!

I'm glad that class test was pretty alright yesterday.

Bringing an itouch to school might not be a very good idea becos i've been online surfing the net during the whole lesson -.- It totally defeats the purpose of me attending school.

After school, Val, Wieli & i went over to Clementi's KBOX. It was an impromptu decision.
Sang till evening, WW came over to look for me & we settled our dinner at Sakae Sushi.
Strolled around the neighbourhood before we went over to Xiao Gui Lin! Yes, the gu niang waterfall thingy at Bukit Batok. I still think heading there at night is pretty eerie. LOL!
Headed Mcdonald for light supper after that before heading home.

That poor boy is suffering from sunburnt. Orbi-good!!! Hahahaha.
He was having flu & we were discussing on the H1N1 issue. I think if i were to get contracted, he'll be the first i'll pass to. Or if he were to get contracted, i'm bound to get it too.
Choy choy choy!
Friends, no need to avoid me any more becos it has been over a week from last week's Butter & i got no symtoms lah!!!!!!

I was in school alone today again. Tia Ming abandoned me as usual. Used to it already.
But i have very nice new mates! Xueting ring me up while i was in class telling me she was in my school. Look up for her during breaktime & we catch up quite a bit!

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