10 June 2009

blood stained

I stained my white pants!!!!!!!!!!
That has to be the worst thing to happen on a girl.
I still fucking walk a whole 3 rounds in JP with it. I just hope nobody saw that! If not he/she suay lor!

Anyway, i'm currently in pain. To be exact, its menses cramp!
Why female must go through this shit every month?
Sometime i hope my menopause can come soon. HAHA! Joking!

Check out my new cheapo kuku specs!
(don't mind me my sleepy eyes, i'm really sleepy ytd!)

& for those people who don't believe i have fat thighs!
Here am i showing you one of my badly-angled pic which shows my Elephant Thigh!
(so huge that you'd like to have a bite right?!)
Damn it, my legs look alright, but just the thigh!!!

Winnie just passed me the outfits for tml's event & it is so damn cute!
It's those student, sailor kind of costume, & its definitely s-e-x-y!

Ok, i'll try to sleep awhile & hopefully it will helps to ease the cramps.
Meeting WW for PepperLunch(should say 'pepper-dinner') later!

Ciao! :)

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