27 June 2009

transformers 2

Alright. Boring blog right? No wonder readership dropped so much!
LOL. Better still, lesser people will prob into my life.
(kidding uh, do visit me still!)

I got alot to blog about actually. My birthday post, some random clubbing pics, random family day......
But i very lazy to sort out pictures lah. Its killer!

All thanks to my human alarm, i'm like one of the first few who reached the class yesterday. The lecturer & classmates gave me that very surprised look. HAHA!
It was a straight 6 hours lessons, but a few of us ran off at the 5th after we got the exam tips. Rushed over to cousin's place to chiong assignment for whole 2 hours. Went back home & slept for awhile before hitting town for TRANSFORMERS 2! :)
150mins & i survived thru, though there was a few scene which was really draggy. Almost dozed off with that comfy jacket. & that was the first time i was in Orchard & inside a cinema at an unearthly 4am! Madness!
&&& midnight breeze is super colddddd!!!!

Caught these 2 flicks this week with WW.
Ghost of Girlfriends pasts is very touching. Transformers is very robotic.

Till then, loves!

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