28 July 2009

Carlsberg Best Beer Experience, Stamford tyres casting

One picture found from the Net.

Janelle & I with some random customers at Wala Wala :)


It's the second day i skipped school within a week!
Met up with few of the girls & went for a casting at Jurong, which is super near my house.
We were asked to change into their outfit & have our photos taken.
So we were judge by that 2 seconds of shutter click?
All i know was i'm not camera-ready just now. That's it.

Had lunch after that & headed to Janelle's office with Gillian to collect our cheques.
Ohmygoodness man! We almost roam the whole of Chinatown in our 4inches heels.
Was sweating, asking around passerby & cab uncle but to no avails.
Was so furious that we hired a cab to go a mere 100metres. LOLLL.
We've got phobia of walking back to the train station, ended up flagging for a cab back.



Pay cheques are finally coming in, but school fees is draining a huge part away!
Why do i always find myself working so hard but don't see any money?
Why am i not treating my studies seriously when i am the one paying myself?
I don't want to just manage to scrap thru every month. It's been long time since i gave parents money.
I need a part-time job! Quite desperate now.

I'm very thankful to all my friends who introduced events to me,& photogs who supported my shoots.

Ivan's birthday celebration tml, KBOX & Butter!

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