13 July 2009

Carlsberg promo

Calsberg Promo at Cafe Del Moar, Hardrock Cafe & Wala Wala.
This is a little different from the usual roving, as it was actually a mini Carlsberg surprise for the patrons & we are supposed to get the people to stay on.
The media crew, Fiona Xie, magician & some babes were present!

Worked with my girlfriend. Do i even need to introduce who is she?! LOL!

(i know we does look naked here. but we are not!)

2 act chio,push up picture which doesn't look like me. LOL!

Dinner at NYDC during our 2 hours break.

The yummy ice-cream at Holland V!

Damn shag out these few days!
Slept for only 5hours the day before, & only 2 hours last night!

Redbull is the best damn thing!
I just hope to get a pass :/

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