20 July 2009

Change of blogskin!

No no. You weren't at the wrong site.
I just edited my blog to a simpler skin which can work well in both IE & Mozilla.
Now no more complains yeah?? :)

Just finished downloading batches of pictures sent from various people.
Damn. I don't understand how you girls can do it so fast, & i am always so lagging behind. LOL. Bear with me, girls. I'll sort it out soon.

Apparently my camera album has near to 400 pictures right now! Fucking lots lah!

& i'm out everyday heading home at an unearthly hour just to sleep. My house is becoming a hotel already. This is so saddening.

Glad that i'm back to my normal life now, because school has started.
(Only 4 days of term break, sucks big time man!)

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