16 July 2009

unprofessional surveyor


I really regretted giving out my real number to surveyors,
i swear i will bomb a series of fake numbers the next time round.

Was stopped by a don't know what company's surveyor while i'm on my way home.
He started all the blah blah sweet talk just to make me stop for him.
Then he started saying "are you a model, you got the seh." *admit it, i'm quite happy inside my heart*
He followed on with, "i think we met before, do you remember me?"
I gave him a straight loud NO in his face. This is definitely one bad pick up line, guys!

As usual, we fill up the survey.
I fake a birth date. I told him i'm underage & he don't mind.
I lied that i'm attached. & he still dare to say he still stand a chance.
But stupid me gave my real phone number. I hesitated for very long whether to just give him ______'s number, but i did not.

I fucking regretted because he just 'steal' my number & called me for personal chats.
I kept pushing him away by saying i'm busy & he still yakking on & on asking me to chat with him for another 10mins more. You siao arh, what makes you think i want to talk to you?!

Nevermind, guess what's the topic he "chatted" with me.

"how you know your boyfriend arh?"
"tell me leh, i'm curious"
"you look like you always change boyfriend"
"do you always change boyfriend"
"what event tml"
"will you be wearing skimpy"

Are you gay? Why you so interested in my boyfriend for?
Even if i always change boyfriend it won't be you too.
So you mean you are so no brain to think AIA awards dinner requires us to wear skimpy uh?

Fucking lame.

I know eventually he will get to read this,
because i'm stupid enough to give him my facebook add.
& he is working at one of the booth at Boon Lay interchange. So i'm very sure i will bump onto him in no time again.


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