25 September 2009

Arcadia's ambassador

I'm engaged by Iluma's Arcadia as one of their ambassador(a total of 4) every weekend for a period of time!
Yeah, will be at the arcade either roaming around or at the counter!
Will be working on either Fri or Sat & both days.
Do drop by to say Hi! Ring me up to have dinner with me k!


I'm just there to promote the Tornado card, aka arcade's credit card.
Nothing much to promote actually. Everyone will eventually need the card to play, other than some idiots who insist of changing tokens instead -.-

(i went to initial my card. i'm very possesive, i initial on every thing of mine.)

Rushed down to work from school for the first day.
Sales was so great, received compliments :)
Weijie, my sec schoolmate was the crew there. So he managed to recognise me & we chatted.
Crews there damn nice, we become so click within minutes! (of cos lor, Janice is so friendly.)
Ruixiang came during my breaktime & treated me to Burgerking.
My Baby was sweet as usual to come visit me at work!
I kept pestering him saying i want to play the toy-catcher machine & he bought the card for me to play!
Asked Weijie to help cheat by shifting the toy super near to hole & he really did!

Caught these 2 big plushie with just 1 try each, spending only 4bucks!!!
Damn happy! Thanks to that dude!


Went to have Kuay Chap & Baby has to bring his lil kid home!
Kid carrying 2 biggie thing on her hand & being buried under the 2 biggie on the bike is not funny at all.

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