29 September 2009


Someone called & inform me about my pictures being posted on Sammyboy forum again.

Well, i'm not sure whether the one he saw was a year ago's or is new thread.

Though i heard is named under "singapore girls / chiobu / i don't know what" ,
i don't want that kind of infamous please.

Spare me off, I'm just an ordinary ugly girl.

Spent 1 hour looking thru the forum but didn't saw any of the pics though.

Nonetheless, recent "hot timings" for my blog is between 12-3am.

These tico-pehs no need to sleep one meh?!

Cannot understand why got such weird people in the world who bothers to even save other's pics & post it onto forums for discussion!

Is it that fun? Crazilly mad leh. Maybe someday i can try doing that too to find out where is the thrill.

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