06 September 2009

ugly bruise!

Wonder why i'm so busy & missing-in-blogging these days??

WW & I went overseas for our "honeymoon"!!!


I slipped, but didn't fall in the toilet last night.
Was washing my feet preparing to hit the bed, while stepping out of the bathtub, i slipped partly because i was shocked by my Dad's oncoming voice.
For some reason, i happened to hold onto the basin while stepping out, as though i already sensed that i will slip.
The basin is my lifesaver.
I can't imagine if i landed on the butt instead of knocking my leg lor!!!

The huge 'Orh Ceh'.


So so painful right now, its more than just a normal blue-black i think.
I kept telling Mum it feels more like some internal injuries. LOL!
I don't understand why i always got this "slippery/skaterboy legs".
Very ugly bruise. I think WW is considering of leaving me now. Very sad :(

Found these 2 random pics!


Tell me i'm a talent in DIY nails! Not perfect but i indeed saved alot of money!


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