20 October 2009


No more school for me. I'll be out of the term "student" very soon.
I'm left with only ONE exam to go & i'm fucking done for my Diploma course.
Next Monday is the doom day!

I am veryveryvery bored.
I should be studying, but i'm not.
Looking forward to this coming weekend because i can work!
I like to work so much. Siao right!
Cos got work got money, got work can go out, got work can make friends.
& i'm clubbing for Stephanie's birthday at StJames!

Next week got camp job & Halloween job to dress up as ghost at Stjames(again!)!
Damn excited!
Then will jump over to Obar if its not full yet to continue partying.

Mum say, " let you relax for awhile, after CNY then look for full-time job."
But almost as reluctant to accept the fact of getting paid 5,6bucks per hour,
i'm still going to look for part-time job for this period of time.


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