27 October 2009

happy because i know how to do my exam!

Ignore my bo-liao title!

Signed myself as a Challenger member. Now i should buy more IT gadgets from Challenger. LOL.

Bought an External Harddisk, & a pair of cheap portable speaker which sums up to $150.
Ok, Mum pays half for it for i have completed my Diploma course -.-

My harddisk is chio de lor! Now i have no worries of my photoshoots pictures will be lost when laptop crash!

I was shocked when i was sorting out my schedules for November in my Organiser.
Guess what, 1 week from my November got lost! 1 whole week is being teared off!
I questioned parents about it, & apparently Mum thought the Organiser is a notebook, so she tore off a page to note her things.
WTH!!!!! Now i have one missing week & i have lots to update for the week lor!
Now i'm result to pasting post-it to replace the week!!!

Don't understand? I show you.



Tell me funny anot?!


My silly boy is so adorable. He mms-ed me picture of him with our Domo to cheer my gloomy study nights up!

Awww.. i miss my Domo!


So i tried capturing me & Choco, but i failed miserably! ):


Nvm lor, i nice can liao! Hahaha.

Will be super busy working everyday the whole week till next Monday!
No kidding, everyday is filled fully with events!

I am Contented!!!!

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