14 October 2009

life's good

Spent an hour watching Ris Low's RazorTV videos.
All i can say she's really a screw loose up there for the nosense that she blurbed.
As for the English speaking part i feel for her, because my command for English sucks too.
But being a beauty queen doesn't mean she needs to have perfect English what! Nobody is perfect. One who converse well doesn't mean she's pretty enough, than she will be flamed for not being beautiful enough as a beauty queen. Zzz...
& MDIS doesn't allow pencil cases, don't know how the hell she managed to bring in pencil cases into the exam room.


Anyway, Life's been so good.

Wakes up only at 3pm in the afternoon -.-

Boyfriend's been spending nights at my house for past 2 days.

Me likes this homely-homely feel.

& best thing because he helps me kill my isomnia.

He left, just nice i am tired enough to sleep.


That's about all.

I'm very lazy to blog nowadays!

Not that i have none, is i have tons!


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