03 October 2009

not my day

Skipped the paper today.
Finally couldn't take the few nights of mugging, i went dozing off anytime anywhere.
At the sofa, in the toilet, in the bus, on the train & overshot my station, in the shuttle bus...
So i was late! Couldn't take the exam! Went to the polyclinic & got a MC.
I don't know whether the school will accept my MC or not, because i was told it probably not.
I know i'm in deep trouble. My laziness really cost a huge price to pay. Hopefully i'll learn my mistake.

Reached home & was locked out of the house.
Mum reassured me that she'll be home so i did not bring keys along.
& then she was out, without answering my 2837465th phonecall!

Today is Lantern Festival!
Mum bought lots of candles & lanterns for me. I so want to go Chinese Garden!
Am going to play candles with boyfriend tonight!
Last minute changes, i might not be working tonight. Which i am rather happy.


Yesterday was boyfriend's birthday!
Not going into details for it first. Hahaha.


I am sleepy now. But i can't get into sleep!!!!!
Fuck. What's the wrong with me?!

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