06 January 2010


I've been slacking for a whole 2 weeks since Christmas 09.
Arcadia seized their ambassador promo, & MUSE stopped their JohnnieWalker promo too.
Which means i'm out of job.

Everyday i'm sleeping at 2/3am, waking up at 3/4pm.
Eat maggi mee, watch tv shows/dramas, online, go out with bf/go clubbing.


I thought i have already quitted the clubbing scene!
Why & when did i still step back again?! *slap self*
Apparently all my age people are clubbers, & that is often the only place we can do all our crazy acts at & shake our asses hard.
&&& people like to celebrate birthdays at club which i don't understand why. I got dead drunk once in a private pub & i am scared already. No more. Period.

Ok. I told Weiwei i will club like ONCE in every THREE WEEKS.
*kind of regretted promising this, & i have already broke the number within days*
And i have no idea why he never scold me lor! Which guy like the gf to club? Likewise, i dont allow my bf to club either.
Sibei guilty now. But yeah, i will try to cut down lah!

Nonono. Not clubbing this weekend because i want to be with Weiwei.
Will not get to see him the whole of this week due to his lessons ):

... i have no idea why am i on a clubbing topic now.
Oh, cos i just settled a guestlist issue a moment ago.

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