27 January 2010

my very first career !


Many whom are at my fb or twitter might have already know i started my official first career 3 days ago.

Did not really made an annoucement about it like i always do although i was confirmed on the spot at the interview.
Still did not dare to pin high hope till i get to sign the documents on my first day of work.

So far so good, in fact super good. I quite like & well-like by my collegues. Haha.
I may be one of the insignificant post but i'm very very extremely important ok!
Thosands & millions dollar deals need to get their calls, documents, cheques, mails all through me!
Though i'm doing more than what i am being paid, at least it is a potential company. Good learning process for future.

Pros of this co. is there's co. bus at JE which is a blessing for me. Lunch is also provided & it tasted relatively good. The pantry is superb i can say! Got many variety of drinks & crackers for me to eat eatt eattt.
Can eat anytime i want at desk, which made me stock up so many food in my cupboard. What a glutton. I'm sure gonna gain weight by end of this month!
WW say my limit is 45kg. If not he will bring me to run. LOL.

Cons of this co. is its a family business, so... you know. OT is unpredictable. Lunch provided it means if you eat finish fast you'll have to return to desk, return to desk means got to start working again. Machiam eat away my 1hour break.
No half days for PH!

Ok lah, should stop complaining.

I still want more modelling assignments after work timing. Laoniang cannot survive with with the peanuts pay i'm getting.

Babes, please do continue to intro some jobs & photogs( i know you are reading this), please book me for more shoots !
Most of my readers are actually my photogs :)

Sometimes i really wonder, how long will i stay in this company.
Many doubt me from staying too. All say i will leave by 3rd month. WTH!

Heee. It's lunch now. I'm having chicken rice today.
Off i go!

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