19 February 2010

my dusty rotten blog!

I'm back, alive but living a mudane life.

Sorry for neglecting this little space which i used to update almost every alternate days.
& thanks for the handful of concerns via msn & smses trying to check out how am i doing now because i no longer update my blog & not even online anymore.
Nothing happened to me lah.
Just that i've really limited time spent at home everyday, which i think i would rather spent the time on my love ones or pamper myself other than connecting to the internet.

Nevertheless, i felt loved!
Thanks everyone, xoxo!

Not that i have nothing to blog, i do have many thoughts which i can't speak here.
This blog is no longer personal. & i am quite sure my colleague(s) already knew my url, & facebook.

I am thinking of quitting my current job.
Yes, i know it's not even a month yet. But there's simply too much stress to handle & too much politics issue. I am practically being bullied.
Many have told me to endure & relax but nobody can understand how people here are.
That is only if you are here, then you will know. So stfu if you people wanna tell me that's life of a newbie. This is over my limit. Period.

The reason for me to stay is probably Val, Hazel, & Vincent.
Val & Hazel will be leaving by end of this month after their temp contract ends.
No more lunch buddie, no more talking cock, no more going back home together :(
Vincent has been a very good colleague. He is the only one who can understand my situation. Always give me van rides after work, give me advices, & listen to me rant. I don't know if i am doing the right thing by ranting to him with names mentioned. But i'm not doubting him though. At least i know i still have a friend here.

Not tendering resignation letter any soon until i have found a new job. So i lan lan have to torlerate first.
People, got any office job lobang please inform me. Laoniang is majouring in Business Management!

I told myself i would reward myself a Gucci bag if i managed to stay put for 3 months. Looks like i only can dream of it now. LOL.

Ok, put unhappy matter aside.
It's the CNY season now. & today is the Day 6.
I had my fun during the long holidays. Not much of house visitings, meaning low Angbao income.
This is the first year visitings stops after the 2nd day, didnt went to visit anyone from my paternal side, didn't buy veg & pineapple as house deco, didn't have new lingerie/bag/makeup(practically i saved alot), lost money on gambling (yeah, every year how suay i also will break even), ...
But this is the first year Vday falls on Day 1, my boyfriend come to Bai Nian with my parents(none of my ex bfs came before, ya they sucks huh!) , parents limit ourselves a good amount of house to visit without rushing places to places making ourselves lethargic everynight.

This year i did not have any special Valentine's day celebration all thanks to CNY.
But Weiwei never fails to surprise me by appearing at my doorstep at 3am with the bunny-look-alike bear bear bouquet.
3am because i only reached home at 2plus after going to temples for prayings when it's the first hour of CNY.
So that sweetheart waited for me for so long again despite he still have visitings to do early in the morning.
How can i not love him rightttt!!! & so he caught me in my sexy little nightie. So shy! HAHA!

Laoniang hand made him a card. I totally made the whole thing out of 2 pieces of plain cardboard ok. Not easy i tell you!
But my parents condemn me, say not nice, ask me go buy one instead better still :(
I know my art level stopped sinced 10years ago. HAHA.
& i even wanted to bake him a cake but mama dont allow, she tell me to go buy better then i bake again :(
Damn sad i tell you! Then Weiwei laughed at me saying my mum scared i will burnt the house like how the 7oclock show guy did -.-

Time flies, it's the 6 months on coming sunday. Can officially say 'half a year' instead of saying only ___ months.
Don't you find 'half a year' sounds longer then 6months meh?!?!
Like i tell people i'm 19 people will think i'm very young, but if i say coming 20 i sound much acceptable.
not meh? or it's only me? LOL.

Okie. It's lunch time soon.

*while blogging this i can sensed someone is peeping at the entry. so i changed the font to the smallest while typing. Tamade, my eyes going cocked staring at such small fonts. *

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