24 June 2010

SGG 2010 scouting

Left office at 7plus in the evening yesterday yet some people can still say that's not counted as OT.
Sorry lor, i'm not going to slog myself till 9pm like you. I have life, i have my family, i'm not obliged to stay till late, and my contract does not state i need to do overtime everyday.

You siao, your problem. Don't push your own problems to others to settle for you.

A manager does not know how to 'print screen' ??!!

Still need your good buddy to teach you how to paste into 'paint'.

Laugh My Ass Out!

Oh well, V was nice as usual to wait for me & Val to knock off & sent us back to our home swiftly.
Was comtemplating whether to head down to Zouk for Grid Girls scouting/casting.
Touched up my make up while WW came over to pick me up!
Had a dinner first before heading down to meet the girls.
It wasn't a casting at all, just filling up of forms & taking of pictures.
Even done a short video of "i'm the next SGG!"
It was mad paiseh can! LOLLL.

WW waited for me the whole hour without complaining!
Since when he became so patient? haha.
Went to a cafe for a drink & home sweet home.
No partying on a ladies night! Work and sleep comes first, i'm a good girl.

It's been 2 months since i last stepped into the dancefloor!

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