15 July 2010

virgin try of photoshopping myself

Out of boredom, i decided to try out "photoshopping" my picture.

Anyway, i'm just using tools from Photobucket, did not have Photoshop software :(

But i guess it's good enough for me. I don't believe in photoshopping oneself to a super beauty in pictures, but such a turn off when in real. LOL.

This is Before!


& After! (refined my jawline, slimmer cheeks, slimmer lips, bigger eyes)


Tada! Wo Mei Mah (I pretty anot) ??

Anyway, this is the first time i'm editing my face. Please don't come & bombard me saying i'm fake :(

Tell me without photoshopped is prettier leh. I think i'll be happier.
But after editing i sure looked different.

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