27 July 2010

vitamin M


[photoshopping is addictive. did my nose & jawlines once again!]

I'm not afraid to work hard & i don't detest working,
my only concern is if i had no money.

Vitamin M is a very powerful thing. I will not give up on any chances even when i'm tired like a dog, or if it takes stretching my schedule to the maximum

The realistic world revolves around money.
If money can solve the problem, it's not a problem. Without money, it IS a major problem.
To me, money certainly can buy happiness.

Been through, gone through, learnt & grown up in a very different family.
It doesn't matter that i don't have a wonderful childhood like you kids. (ok, sometimes i do blame God for being so unfair.)
Doesn't matter that working & making myself so tired in my teenage life trying to hold up part of the family, my education fees, and to enjoy life like what a 20years old should be doing now. (Again, i blamed God. But also to blame myself for purely being unlucky. Maybe i was a really bad person in my previous life... blah blah *all negative thoughts*)

Of cos i do often procastinate why am i not like other teenagers enjoying in the outside, why am i starting my "adulthood" way so early, scared not enough of lifetime to work meh?
Cannot lah, really cannot.

Come to think, i'm really alright to pamper my love ones but actually a very Niao person to myself. (come on, give me a word for Niao please!)
Cos by pampering them with what i have i am really very happy myself. Weird? Haha.
Ok lah, i can be very thrifty but if i spend, hohoho it'll be big amount (& money often spent on bimbo stuffs eg. nails,hair,labels.)!

So after understanding why i need to work so hard for money, please don't ever use the word rich on me. I don't have savings one, really.

But ya, if you want to donate me money, i wouldn't mind really! Hahaha.

This is a veryvery random post.
I'll always have this very-emo-on-why-i-need-to-work-so-hard days in a month.
It's normal.

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