22 December 2010

merry advance christmas!

Heh Heh.

Christmas in 3 days' time!
No biggie celebrations for me this year, my dec is so packed with work that i did not plan any meetups with any friends. (speaking which, my Jan schedule is even worst!)
Did not have any gifts exchange either! :(
Had 'sold' my Christmas Eve to my usual BA job.

Butttt.... i'll be sailing off to Batam with my bff Janelle, her bf & my bbf!
Not very excited though, it just felt like sailing to Pulau Ubin, no?
Anyhow i'm still looking forward to the trip!
A day for me to relax from w-o-r-k !

Was sick last week.
Down with combo of Fever , Flu, Cough, Inflammed throat.
That 3 nights was so terrible that i spammed a box of Panadol within 2 days & run out of it on the 3rd night? I popped 2 pills every 3 hours, to allow me to last from morning 8am till end of work at 2am.
Crazy. I was telling my friends, by then i recovered i will need a liver transplant already!
Went to the doc with WW last night (Yes! He's back ytd, SICK too! ) & medical fees sum up to $56 !
Luckily it's claimable from company. Phew!

Bye for now!

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