21 June 2011

Chapter 22

It's been so long.
I still remember how i kept mentioning WW WW all over my tweets & blog till now all my readers run away. I was like a 发花痴 that time. Haha!

Now we have came to our twenty-second monthsary. Soon to be 2 years!
From when i'm still a full-time student, a bimbo, a hardcore clubber, an entertaining blogger, to 2 years later an office-slave and boring girl whose got nothing interesting & the time to blog.
Ok lah, i don't want to bore you all with WW WW again, shall leave it between us :)


We looked so like a middle-aged getting hitched couple, no?!

(my chin very sharp here, i like!)


Boy! Why you so cute!!!!

Nah, i'm not gonna say any mushy i love you thingy here.

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