08 July 2011


WW asked me a question during our phonechats today, & left me thinking for quite some time.

Actually I have already thought of that, but there's nothing much I can really do.
All I can say is the word Trust.

I don't know how much trust I can give due to the past bad experiences. Which incurs me to be sucha paranoid bitch now. But I know it will be a very challenging journey for us.

In a month's time our life will have big changes.
He'll embark on his new career while I'll be schooling part time.
Time won't be with us like now anymore. And that's what I'm afraid about. 男人一有时间就会想找人陪,如果 那个人不是我呢?
Somemore his industry is a babe galore, & after hearing stories how to be not worried?
Say not affected by the environment is fake lor.
I just 死爱面子. Lol!

Aiya, no time to think so much!
I got too much other stuffs to vexed on.
Need to avoid posting too much personal on my public blog.

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