04 January 2012

I can have my own domain! janicegoh.com

Happy 2012 everyone!
Hope all of you will have a bright wonderful year ahead, including me. HUAT AH!

I know i was late, but wishes never really comes late right?


I was trying hard to list some achievable resolution for the year, but come to think i have not much aims in life at all :(

1. Save $$$ - savings to increase by double.
2. Pass all modules
3. Work moderately, enjoy life more
4. Better tolerance level
5.Travel to Taiwan / Bkk

Yupp. That's all.

So anyway.... did you notice my new domain?

thatgirl-janice.blogspot.com has upgraded to janicegoh.com now!!! :) :) :)

I know i'm sucha boring girl to call my own domain 'janicegoh', actually I still miss people calling me 'thatgirl janice' but just find it too kiddy and not professional. LOL.
And i didn't know getting own domain is so affordable and effortlessly! With a few clicks i'm now at my new own .com . How awesome!

Yay!!! janicegoh.com janicegoh.com janicegoh.com

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