20 January 2012

new laptop, new nails, new shoots

Blogging from my new laptop now!

Went over to Jurong Point to source for a laptop after my old one refused to boot.
Looked around with bf and was drifted away to desktops instead by him & the promoter, but i really don't like desktop, neither my mum would agree.
Went on to Courts again alone and saw Desmond from Acer!
The moment i saw him i was saying damn loudly, "No i don't want Acer!".
And minutes later before i realised, we were settling bill and yes, i bought Acer again -.-
Reason being he gave me a really good deal for the set with lot of freebies! Hehehehehe...

Went on a morning shoot and then to my manicure session to do my nails!


You like my nails? I designed this simply set myself!
Was so panic that i could not get a slot at most nail palour & glad that i found Venessa!
She was so patience to all my requests although she actually needs to rush off to her reunion dinner.
It is a home-based nail palour at Petir Road, super near boyfriend's place that i can pop by to do nails so conveniently now!

Did express pedicure for my feet too!

Pink bling colour with 3D ribbons to match my hand!

$96 for my hellokitty hard gel overlay fingers, $14 for express pedicure with 3D.
Go to http://beautify-nails.blogspot.com/ if you want pretty nails too! :)

Popped by boyfriend's workplace to 'Tling' him my bling nails! LOL.

Ending the post with my 1st shoot of the year!

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