16 January 2012

A week before cny!

These few days have been bringing this fat baby's family touring around the whole of sg!
Seriously who comes sg for 7days bringing a 60+years old mum & a 9months old baby which makes the trip so restricted!

I love babies but sadly I don't find him adorable at all! Hmmm... I just hope to ditch my tour guide jobscope now.

My room flooded last night! Would be swimming in my room if I never realized how much water output from my stupid aircon!

And that was baby with the mop helping to clear the mess! Hahaha so cute!

Ok, tried the liese cotton candy hairdye!

The usual stuffs inside the container!

Trying to take some pics with the towel wrapped, hoping to look sexy but failed terribly with the deadfish eye of mine.

LOL this is hideous lah! But I am a genius, cos I realized act sexy the dye will stain all over me!
So, changed another way of wrapping myself.

Outcome colour not true to sample.
Messy, messy & messy.
Not foamy as it supposed to be.
Mixture not even.
Quantity little.
Dries up fast.

I bought Candy Pink colour & this is what I got.

With flash, without flash, under light.

Still the liese bubble the best!!!
So much easier to lather on head & so much more foam! And i can't even finish using the bottle!

I am still very pleased with the outcome of my hair as my initial plan is to cover my black roots only, so any colour is fine with me so this is still ok!

Don't bother trying this cotton candy if you got high expectations :)

Just back from cny flower garden near my place with mum!

This orchid is mine! So pretty right omg! I love my buy!
Mum got 2 other typical cny plants.

Can't wait for cny to come!

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