14 February 2012

Overloaded happiness!

So happy, too happy, very happy now!

Boyfriend just pop by office to surprise me with my Valentine's bouquet & Gong Cha plum greentea !
I wasn't expecting that at all, i thought it would be just another normal day.


For the effort of waking earlier, collecting bouquet, traveling to my workplace & have lunch with me is already a significantly huge effort coming from ww, and i really really felt so happy bout it.
I know some going to say, that's not difficult at all but.... it already meant the whole world to me!

Thank you so much baby, this is a good Valentine's day already!

Boyfriend looking extremely dashing here! Falling in love with him all over again!


幸福的小女人 !


It's our 2 & half years anni next week! :)

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Most Desirable said...

Great flowers, pls do read my post about Valentine's Day, thks:)