13 February 2012

the vday eve..

** updated:

WW just text me that his work shift has changed :(
Plan to make him little breakfast & pass to him while i pass by his workplace to work tomorrow morning. Yes he works near my house, at the mrt station that i walked pass every single day. I even went online to google some sandwiches and stuffs. But damn sian now. The thought of it just made me emo.

Now passing him the card will look retarded without any gifts to go along. So frustrating.
And the card no longer be a surprise anymore since i revealed it here. Ah whatever lah!


It's Valentine's day tomorrow! Any plans for you lovebirds?

Me &  WW won't have any special line ups as i have told him let's not let the stupid commercialized occasion 'chop carrot' ! No need flower, no need nice dinner. And i specially told him we will have Mcdonald for dinner tomorrow. Confirm have seats & confirm won't get dok!  Everyday is like Vday as long i'm happy with him on our every dates, no? This kind of gf where to find right! Hahahaha.


I will post up a tutorial of the card i made after tomorrow :)

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