01 March 2012

life ain't a bed of roses

It's the start of March, my nightmare!
1 more upcoming test  & 3 more assignments to do. Worst still, i have events packed every single weekend.
Kinda regret accepting the job now, if they were to pull me out for the event i really wouldn't mind.
Not to mentioned shoots to schedule in during my "free time". Work would start as early as 9am to 10pm daily for March. I feel like slapping myself.

Time seriously gone way too fast, 1/4 of 2012 have passed but i'm like living everyday eat, sleep, work & school, sleeping like 1am & waking 7am everyday. Not because i am out playing. Is that freaking school ends at 10pm which i would go to grab a quick dinner and travel back would already be 12am. Wash up immediately, packed bags/clothes for the next day, its already 1am. Wtf!
This is really exhausting. It's almost impossible to juggle between work & school for people like me who are not so gifted. Maybe i've really started off wrong by choosing to do double majors.
Oh well, 2 sems has gone, too late to regret now!

Life is so stressful!!! It's like a slow suicidal!!!
I want to travel out for vacation, i've got the money but simply no time.

I know, i have been ranting about life for the longest. I thought i have accepted fate and getting the hang of it, but sadly no. A part of me just want to give up everything.


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