08 March 2012

visit me in IT show!

FHM called to go for audition! Hmm.

Skipped the past few IT shows cos it clashed with my full time job & they only want girls who can commit all days.
Managed to secure a job this year which only requires me to work weekends & selection only through photos! :)
Other than IT shows would be a month event for Dell.
Looked forward working cos i'm friends with like half the 12 models for Dell lah! So happy! LOL.
And i already knew so many of my friends are working too. Gonna have a long list of friends-to-visit during the weekends.


Do come support or say Hi to me ok!

Suntec Hall 401 , Dell booth !

I'm only working on Sat & Sun, so come only weekend! Hahahaha.


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