24 April 2012

Post fhm thoughts

Finally i get to rest!

It has been a hectic week. Exams, Triumph fitting, FHM shows...
Both the day has come to and end, for the moment. Now looking forward to next month, our another upcoming activity, then June would be the finals.
Did not do up till my own expectation during the both days, but its ok.
Surprisingly all the babes are so helpful & friendly, i wasn't really expecting that.
You know, you hardly find nice people in pageants & competitions. I was totally glad this bunch of babes are so fun to be with.
Was very closely with Melody during the 2 days. Firstly, her pic was just beside mine on stage backdrop as well as the voting board. Stress, very stress! Secondly, we both are always one of the last to be done with our makeup & hair and always rushing from the salon together. LOL!
Thirdly, we were in the same game segment and i'm standing right beside her. Super stressful to be side by side with a hottie 大热门 omg! Can't help to oogle at her too. Such a pretty with a hot bod!

Triumph team girls are super nice, back stage assistants are super helpful, they so poor thing keep kanna stepped by me while helping me with the changing and all. The whole team just took care of the girls very well. It was one of the slackest competition i ever took part. I basically do not need to bring most of the stuffs. All i do was wake up an hour earlier than reporting time, bathe & out of house. No need to do hair, no need to make up. Thank you the MUA & hairstylist to let me appear so 美美 (pretty) .

I'm so thankful to all the photogs who came down to take photos of us, and painstakingly editing & tagging each and every photo. These photos surely made a big contribution to my portfolio, and served as a memory.
Thank you all the friends who made their way down to help me with the votings. Managed to chase up abit with the votes. Still very hateful that the shoot doesn't do me justice.
I get alot of random people tapping me and asking which at the board is me, and telling me i look way better in real. Thank you thank you. Those were really nice compliments! I don't find the shoot ugly, it just a little misleading i would say.
Mum was so cute, she keep asking, "this show seems big leh, so many photogs here, everything is sponsored, is it a big show? how did you made it, when you join one, got audition anot?"
One ultimate sentence from her "your photoshoot is the best, you look most 清纯 (pure) there, like a schoolgirl so sweet, the rest looked too sexy." DAMN IT, YOU GOT IT. THIS CONTEST IS TO LOOK SEXY NOT PURE LAH!

Till then,
i try uploading videos taken from my mum now!


redlomo said...

wow.. busy week.. keep cool..

Janice said...

@redlomo: Yeah! But finally a breather for me.