10 May 2012

details on fhm finals!

Sorry that i have not been updating!

Been rather busy, busy enjoying the last few days of school holiday. So school has reopened this week.
Still, my May is filling up with more & more events. Now i even have things on my very birthday. How sad :(

A little updates regarding FHM:
- cocktail votings & videos ( not sure when will it be out)
- June issue FHM (mid month)
- 987FM live radio interview (19 May around 2-3pm)
- FHM live show (23 May 7.30pm)
- FHM Finals party (6 June)

FHM Model 2012 Finals party details below:

Date: 8 June

Time: 7pm
Venue: TAB at orchard

First 300 to RSVP with mediacorp will get 2 drinks. Free admission.

Email directly to Mediacorp
RSVP@mediacorp.com.sg with these details for the rsvp:
name, nric, email, contact, age

Photography is allowed.

Yeah, as most are enquiring, there are not Top whatever this year.
All the Top 10 are finalist ! Yayyyy!

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