13 June 2012

I have no respect for you, our neighbour country

Last time i ever want to enter Malaysia for any kind of leisure.
Fucking hell almost got robbed by a robber on the bike!!!!

It was a Sunday evening 7+pm, bf & I was riding in as usual. It's been like 20 over times we rode in, but mostly during midnights. So this is one of the rare times we are heading in this timing. The lane are quite ok, no jams and not much bikes i would say. We are just not far away from the custom when the robbery incident took place.
According to bf, he noticed this bike be closing up with us since custom. It is a 'FZ' carplate, which means is a Singapore bike. I wasn't hanging my sling bag on my body (my negligence), but just that moment, i sensed something really near me and my instinct told me to hold on tight to my bag's strip. Bf was just nice slowing down wanted to let that bike overtake us, but instead, I SAW THIS BLACK FIGURE COMING BY AND SNATCHED MY BAG AWAY FROM MY TIGHT. That guy miss aimed and grabbed bf's waist leaving him a shock and I LET OUT A SUPER LOUD SCREAM!
That split seconds seems like a whole lots running through my mind.
I was thinking in my head: both our passports, my phones, my cash, my cards.... i have too much to lose!

I know it was very dangerous for me to fight back, but you never try you never know you would lose!
I am too tough for a woman i think, i am shocked of cos but wasn't really scared. I knew this would happen to me one day (i'm jinxed) and i've prepared of what to do. Of cos i would still let off if i am the one going to fall!
I should have tug even harder to make the fucker fall. If that fucker is within my reach i sure give him a good punch!
But i bet it must be one of the rare times he FAILED in robbing a woman, wtf!
Me and bf were still joking about the rider confirm screw him up for failing the mission, they must be quarreling. LOL.
I was lucky too that he wasn't arm with any weapon. Thank god everything's fine!
We suspected the Singapore bike was a stolen one too. The fucker looks black to me, must be a malay or indian.

I can't imagine they picked such hour to do such act. The sky was not even fully dark dude.

My parents got picked-pocket before in Malaysia too. Enough said.

Sorry but I have no respect for that country.


melvin said...

Well, lesson learned, do not bring too many valuables to malaysia whether u keep it in your bag or with you =) And try not to go over there again cuz there are lots of robbery cases right now in malaysia =)


Janice said...

@melvin : Yes, did not really bring much valuables. it's the passport & my phone that i'm concerned about. I know, won't even want to go anymore.