17 July 2012

when 24hours a day is not enough!

It has been a hectic few months for me, i'm truly glad that the contest have indeed given me alot of exposure. More assignments came in, so have been working very hard every single weekdays & weekends, with at least twice a week running 2 jobs or castings a day.
Now i can finally get to catch some breathe! 3months of NO weekends is not funny!
Exams are around the corner, and guess what... I took part in 2 of the major pageants which would be held in Aug too.
I know i am a little crazy or over-exposing myself but i don't care lah. I am old, too old to not pursue anything i feel like doing. I'm quite lucky i have completed what i feel like doing in life. One only regret would be not being able to be a stewardess :(
So anyway, i went for a casting for a movie film yesterday! I hope i don't look like a joke, although i know chances of getting the role is Zero. Just want to feel like a star-wanna be for once receiving & memorising scripts. Hahaha.

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