11 September 2012

Busy bee

As far as I want to update my blog, there are too many projects on hands to settle for school!!
I have been bumming around ever since FHM and haven't been studying well for my last sem.
But i'm truly lucky to have scrap through the exams and knew the feeling of  i-will-surely-flunk feeling just sucks so i do not want to repeat that kind of feelings anymore.
Might have some big thing going on next month so i know i might need to sacrifice a month of school again!!!!
It's a tough choice & been bothering me for quite some time ever since i got the news, but..... i know this is a lifetime opportunity i had to go. Let's just hope everything goes smoothly for me!

Sorry readers and sponsors, give me some time to rush out things!

Meanwhile, take a look at my nose now!


:) Be back soon!!

1 comment:

melvin tay said...

aiya you 美美啦! =) Anw relax, do what you can do. Don't do multi tasking and i dunno what to say for the big things you've got for nxt mth but studies always come first =)