27 September 2012

Nose Fillers @ EHA clinic Part One

Plastic surgery is actually the hottest topic right now ever since Yahoo kept hyping up on certain 'plastic' bloggers. So, what is my opinion on plastic surgery? Well, I admit i used to have the mindset " Aiya, she's fake mah, of cos pretty." whenever talking about certain model/ celebrities. That was a couple of years ago.
And i realised i said that because i was kinda jealous, and not financially enough to go for it.
Now, throw me back the same question and i will tell you, go for it if you can afford to, and if you think it will help you regain your confidence!

I have been researching on PS nearly a year, as much as i feel like going for the procedures, i'm still not convinced by the idea of 'flipping' my face, and the ugly bloating aftermath. Surprisingly i'm quite fine with inserting the foreign objects to the face though. LOL!

Anyhow, PS is out of topic for now, i thought i just want to try out aesthetic enhancement procedures to see how i will look like, and it's cheaper, in a way also a 'trial' in case you do not like it, it is not permanent.

If you had not know, i went for mole removal process to remove the more annoying obstacles for me being a pretty girl! Then weeks later i am out of my braces too for correcting my 'vampire' teeth which is another factor of stopping me being pretty.

So after these, i thought i looked pretty ok already! That's when i am in hardcore pageants one after another!
Then, one fine day, i decided to just go for nose fillers while i was in the midst of MSBP hoping to look better on grand finals. But then again i was too busy with running around to the sponsors & rehearsals so i had to give it a miss :(

So the urge of doing somehow lost as i thought there's no reason for me to look extra pretty for the pageant is over. So just a few weeks after i was invited to EHA Clinic for a blogger visit!
To be honest, i thought i'm just gonna be sponsored for some products or facials.



I was warmly welcomed by the friendly staffs of EHA clinic, met up with 2 other bloggers too!
Shortly i was being called into the room together with Dr Tam. EHA clinic- Dr Tam was one of the asthetic sponsors for Miss Singapore International!

He was so friendly and open up to opinions! He first asked me which area am i not satisfied with, without hesitation i pointed to my nose! Told him i wanted a nose fillers and been researching on it for very long.
To my surprise he replied: "Ok, we sure can make a higher nose bridge for you, we will do nose fillers."
Me: "Omg really? Now?"
Dr Tam: "Yes. Now."
And i was being brought into another room by one of the assistant!

All will be told to fill up this consent form before the treatments.

Removing my face makeup, my eyes still look ok cos of the eyelash extension i did.
So this was my BEFORE nose. Wtf nobody look chio for before pics lah, if not how to see contrast of after. LOL!




Was left in the room for about 15mins for the numbing cream to take effect.


The type of 'gel' i used is Juvederm! It is a kind of natural hyaluronic acid fillers (HA) which is already available in our individual body. Just that as we age, hormones, sun exposure, smoke, the content in our body tend to decrease. So that's when you get fine lines and skin feels 'old'.
It is injected to hydrate & add volume to the skin, and it breaks down by the body within 2 days, but having effect lasting up to a year!




The procedure is about half an hour in total. 15mins for the numbing cream, and 5 to 10mins for the injection!



Do a comparison now! I dont think i have to state which picture is before and after. It's sooooo obvious right?!

The beauty bloggers for the day.
I did fillers, one did botox, and another did IPL

With Dr Elias Tam, thank you for making my dreams come true! :)



There's no need for you to cancel your programmes for the day because the downtime is really minimal! There might be slight bruises for some, i had it at the bridge area if you notice it. It takes 3 days for it to completely go off.
For my procedure Dr Tam injected in thru the tip of my nose, that is to create a sharper 'base' area. It looks more triangular now. Not everyone needed at this area. Some of you already have a good base so you just need to inject in from the nose bridge area.


Back home with nude face i still look presentable with sharper features!
Having nose fillers actually enhance your whole face's features. The nose bridge area being lifted, leaving double eye lids more obvious, because the nose elongated, it makes the whole face looks longer and slimmer!

Did not make up close to a week for i scared there will be any infections, but you can actually make up as soon as the next day!
You will also be told not to eat tonics for a week to prevent bruises, and do not drink alcohol (no partying) for 2 weeks if not the fillers will just dissolve off!

If you ask me for the pain level i would say 6.5/10 !
There's a little 'needle prick' pain when the needle is trying to poke through my nose tip. As you know the tip (base) area of the nose is the most meaty area. Try using your hands to squeeze it you already felt the pain isn't it? But dont worry, once the needle got in then no feel at all when injecting!! After that the first week will feel like you have a mega pimple growing on your nose tip.
Those who had the 'lengendary mickey mouse' pimple will understand!

* Don't get scared by when i say it hurts a little because not all of you needed to poke through the base of nose! Most of you only need to inject through nose bridge which has no pain at all! (i did this on my follow up review)


Do drop me a message in my email/fb/formspring/text if you have my number for any enquiry about my nose! I'm willing to share by before, after, whole experience with you! A few of my friends texted me like immediately or asked me bout it when they saw me in real!


Sms Dr Tam for any aesthetic enquiries and he will reply. Usual price is around $800 per stryinge. 


Stay tuned for Part II ,
where i went for a follow up review and a topup of fillers !!!


Anonymous said...

you looked much much better before... now you look like alien...

Anonymous said...

No offence, but I really have to agree with the earlier poster. Before you did anything to your face, your original natural facial features actually looked more beautiful, but now, after doing the nose fillers, you look kind of weird,like an alien because of the unnatural look. If you look at people with naturally sharp noses, a naturally sharp nose does not look like that at all, it should look sharp all over, not just the nose bridge alone. I am sorry if I offended you, but I just want to share my real opinion as a third-party observer with no bias, since I do not know you at all, so there is no reason for me to lie. I just thought you might appreciate some honest opinions on your new look. Truthfully speaking, it is better not to go for plastic surgery to alter your face because it will always make you look worse, Just look at ThyDowager, she was actually quite beautiful originally before plastic surgery, but now her face looks very unnatural, like a transvestite from Patpong Thailand. The same with Celestina Tiew, she was actually more beautiful before she went for plastic surgery, now her face looks very unnatural. Her original natural face was actually more beautiful.

Janice said...

Hi both Anons!

HAHA. I appreciate how you both thought of my before and after nose fillers looks. Perhaps because I always wanted a fake nose and NOT a natural looking ones, I prefer to go for a more dramatic shot as we all know fillers will definitely dissolve away over time & it will only look good after 2 weeks because it would 'flattened' & less swell. Maybe if you looked at my current photos you might think I really do look better now instead of the before, and of cause better then when I've straight walk out of the clinic. (LOL I really know that look like an alien. )