18 April 2013

Boring wordy post

Oh dear, i always wanted to blog but i realised my life is so mudane that i have nothing interesting to blog about!
I'm either in office; which is not worth mentioning about, school rushing against assignments deadlines; which is as boring, Playhouse nightjob; nothing much either, or weekend modeling; which are quite interesting though!

I used to be able to find topic and talk rubbish myself and managed to keep some readers entertained. Now, i've just totally lost it.
Perhaps, i'm already over the blogging age!
Then again, all successful fulltime bloggers are even older than me, so what is with the overage shit ?! LOL

So actually i have been working really hard ever since i graduated from Secondary school, and have not had the chance to really 'live a life' , enjoy for a moment, and pursue what i really want to do.
Did some thinking earlier months of the year and decided that i shall quit my full time job, Personal Assistant position around August.
Firstly is to focus on my last 2 trimester of my University and enjoy life of a full time student!
(Yes!!! I'm a fucking degree holder by December!!! I hope. 2 fucking years of torment ending real soon!)
Secondly, to go back to taking up more modeling assignments. I reckon i won't have much time left in this industry, probably another 1 to 2 years the very most.
Thirdly, start up an online biz. Finally finally i'm gonna sit down and start planning.
Fourthly, sleep till heart content at home and be a couch potato.
Hahaha. Ideal right?
Actually i'm just planning to take a 4months break. Till the brand new year starts, i'll be back in the workforce again!
Not rich kid lah, cannot afford to nua so long!

Just done with my papers for this trimester, so i just started Candy-crushing!
Like a noob yeah, still stucked at pathetic level 19 only!!!!!! FML
I just started playing like few days ago ok! April 2013. Don't laugh me!!!

 photo CYMERA_20130418_111632_zpsd67be268.jpg

Ok bye. Dolling up and going for event now!

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