26 November 2013

Foodie day !

Today is a foodie day! Just literally food and more food throughout the day!
It's been a week since I met M, so we decided to have a date today which I finally can have wee bit more energy to go out. Throat still hurt btw!

Told M I want to go to Nook today, which I've long wanting to go there!
Was quite surprised ladyboss Dawn still remembers me, afterall it's been so long since we've worked together for events.
Reached around 3.30pm and it was quite crowded actually!
 photo 20131126_172029_zpsdfacd18a.jpg

 photo 20131126_161346_zpsf9886662.jpg

 photo 20131126_172054_zps7e5e6502.jpg

We 'claimed' our offer via fb, so we had 2 brunch main courses, ordered a Cheeseburger soup as well, and while waiting we decided to order a serving of Chocolate pancake bottle with cheddar cheese topping and play with it! Hehehe.

 photo 20131126_161324_zpsfac0dc4f.jpg

 photo 20131126_161417_zps3a4dc6a5.jpg

I thought M was spontaneous enough to play with me, ended up he just did this boring looking thick pancake,or if not some curly-wurly design -.-

 photo 20131126_162053_zps18ee08ed.jpg

Look at my Hello Kitty! Not very nice but at least I tried ok, drew a couple of some other random stuffs too.

 photo 20131126_162700_zps50e7403b.jpg

 photo 20131126_170255_zpsef3b2457.jpg

 photo 20131126_171137_zpsb2e44131.jpg

 photo 20131126_170301_zps56989700.jpg

 photo 20131126_171148_zps9c6a9c01.jpg

This is the must-order Cheeseburger soup! It's omfgbbq nice!

 photo 20131126_162041_zpsaba52362.jpg

Mine ; Breakfast Bully
This is good, very very awesome! I really recommend this because I usually think brunch are usually not filling but this came in a good portion!

 photo 20131126_163019_zpsc89b86d5.jpg

M ; Humdy-Dumpty
This is very yummy too, but portion is slight less filling I think (to me! I am a real big eater!)

 photo 20131126_163040_zps503eb27d.jpg

We was so full to the brim by the time we finish the food! LOL

If you're interested, Nook is located at Bukit Timah , 21 Lorong kilat #01-03, Singapore, Singapore 598123

Just right after we stepped out of Nook, we went exploring around the area, and ended up inside G7 frog legs porride just barely 1 hour after our heavy meal.

We ordered another 6 frog legs with porridge!
 photo 20131126_183928_zpsdb65a054.jpg

Damn crazy, I don't even know what meal are we having. Eating 2 large meal between 3 hours. Siao!!!
The boy lah, keep saying he wanted frog legs instead of Nook. So eat both lor!

Caught Hunger Game; Catching Fire at before heading home.
Quite disappointing eh, so little fights during the game, and the game didn't end wtf. The front part was so boring that I fall asleep. Hahahaha.
Rushed our individual last trains back home(ya how long have I not rushed last trains) & that pretty much sums up my day.

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