10 November 2013

Halloween~ Hello You Win

Hello-You-Win !
Hahahaha I literally laughed out loud when i saw this 'Hello-You-Win' thing written on the paper while working at one of my workplace! So that is how you pronounce Halloween huh!

Went USS for it's Halloween this year with M. Never really went to any Halloween haunted house kind of thing before, neither do M, so we are like giving each other one of our rare virgins!

But i guess he regretted agreeing because i was a total timid. For the whole night i am just pushing him, grabbing him, stepping on his slippers, whining and panting, on the verge of mental breakdown each time in the haunted house. Well, he tan tio ok, there're a group of young girls behind us kept pouncing on me, clinging onto me & M and kept talking about M 'that guy so brave, that guy not scared'. Hello, laoniang dead one ah, hide behind my bf nevermind still praise my bf infront of me not scared die one! It's ok, wo de bf hen man! LOL

Still fresh and pretty(naturally) on our way there, after which not much photos because i was pretty much wacked right after the first haunted house (the one with pirates and mummies).
 photo CYMERA_20131018_175752_zps282b771a.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131019_162349_zpsa881c97c.jpg

Nice experience afterall though i still find it a little expensive even though i had annual pass discount.
Will probably try out the Siloso one next year!
Head back to my house area and we caught also a horror movie. Whole night just scaring myself only. Quite fun! 

Worked 2 events for Halloween, one was Halloween bus tour which i have done for them the 3rd year already! Another one was at my usual nightjob.

Didn't have any idea of what to wear and didn't buy any costumes, so ended up flipping my wardrobe & found this red Cheongsam which i wore during my primary school times. (So you mean I didn't grow?!)
It used to be baggy and long till calf for me, now it's super figure hugging and sexy.

 photo CYMERA_20131026_210531_zps812ef600.jpg

Did my makeup myself using only Johnson baby powder, black eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and red lipstick to acheive this look. Only takes 10mins to do this!

Some of us, the bus coordinators, with Cynthia.
 photo CYMERA_20131026_225517_zps00b5e84a.jpg

Meet the sisters, with Jovin.

 photo 20131026_204711_zpsec5501db.jpg

 photo 20131026_204517_zps9448291a.jpg

Coincidentally having Elizabeth & Serene in our bus as well. Working with friends made the job even enjoyable!

 photo 5e425871-08c7-4115-b76d-a00c60c69d3c_zpsf2a9a1c7.jpg

So happy to work in this look you know! I do not need to care if my makeup smudged, i do not need to act pretty, no need to smile, the thing is the uglier the better. Awesome!
I started to have some cheap thrill by sitting along the roadside staring at cars with this face. So fun, how often you get to do this!

 photo CYMERA_20131026_2122271_zpsa6109d18.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131027_003423_zpsbad97ac9.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131027_001628_zpsbb627fda.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131027_001429_zps85c980f7.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131027_002155_zps5198e020.jpg

That is only till when i changed out of my Cheongsam, i couldn't get a cab.
3 cabs just rejected me once i said my location. Nope, not cck or lck, why you all so scared!!

 photo CYMERA_20131027_012316_zpse25e5730.jpg

Cos... i am still in red long dress (purposely) giving this stare on the road. There's one ahbeng trying to cut infront of me to flag a cab and the friends went "Eh yao si ah, ni gan qiang ta de cab!"

Worked in Allurez (now you know where i worked at night) on the actual Halloween day.
Re-wear my slutty police woman outfit cos i don't want to be the common ghost.

 photo CYMERA_20131031_165627_zpsea67bd2b.jpg

Only one photo!

And that pretty summed up my Halloween ~ Hello You Win fun!

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