23 November 2013

Red Star dim sum

Went over to Red Star Dim Sum restaurant on a random Monday morning, by we reached it's already noon though!
Have been wanting to go there for some time but you know it's quite impossible to get me out of house early in the morning.
It's a Monday noon and the restaurant can be half packed. Cannot get it, so many people eat dim sum everyday?

Century eggs
(Not nice, do not order)

 photo 20131119_130133_zps55ae310b.jpg

Beancurb skin roll
(Not bad, but a little 'big' in my opinion)

 photo 20131119_130134_zps05165dac.jpg

Siew Mai
(Very good. We had 2 servings of this)

 photo 20131119_130137_zpsbb019f76.jpg

Har Gao

 photo 20131119_130141_zps8a20fa18.jpg

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun
(Not bad!)

 photo 20131119_130145_zps1400a93b.jpg

Century egg porridge
(Awesome! Yummy!)

 photo 20131119_130152_zpsfea0aab7.jpg

Liu Sha Bao, salted egg yolk custard bun
(Meh. So-so)

 photo 20131119_131605_zps091342b9.jpg

Pork ribs
(Not too bad)
 photo 20131119_132256_zpsc945db98.jpg

Coffee pudding
(I like this!)

 photo 20131119_135020_zps8e610c3c.jpg

Bill sums up to be $50 odd. A little pricey just for dim sum I think.
But we were very very super full! Felt that we have over ordered.

  • Blk 54 Chin Swee Road, #07-23
  • Singapore, Singapore 160054

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