25 November 2013


It was a long crazy weekend for me that I FINALLY FELL ILL!
Ever since last Wednesday I had work, Thurs is full day school and out to sing till 'early morning', Fri is 2 jobs, Saturday another 2 jobs that I finally fall sick on the last job.
Well, that's not the end because it's my cousin's big day on Sunday & we're all up since 6am, sleeping only 2 hours all the way till 3am of Monday & I had school right today.
Very crazy lah, All I know is me spamming panadols for the past 2 days that I am left with the last pill at home. Got to stock up on Panadols. Sigh.
My parents also concussed for like 20hours just for the one day and night preparation, imagine me been up since how many days! Can die ah!

So anyway I am having a very sore throat which I spitted out bloody phlegm these 2 mornings, itchy throat which i'm controlling not to get the cough starting, muscle aching like half paralyze, and a slight fever.
Went googling what's with bloody phlegm & it just freaks me out. Awesome.

Whatever, wish me well soon!

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