27 December 2013

merrymerry christmas

My personal 'greeting card' for my friends!
So original right! Better than those copy and paste messages!

 photo CYMERA_20131225_034527_zps1e1fabb7.jpg

Photo credits: Joe Chan Pictures

Was working for Santacon event, my one and only Santarina event of the year :(

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I was such a bad luck to have a defect package where the belt was not anywhere found,
got to tie the huge outfit up like this, and I was the only odd one out of the 20 over crews!

 photo CYMERA_20131219_002936_zpsfb8e679a.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131219_004754_zpsb8e22bd1.jpg

Was having a nasty red eyes and I was scaring everyone. They kept asking if i'm ok.
Not ok at all, that's why I was extremely quiet for that job & hide as much as I could from the cameras
as jobscope of the job is to create awareness & get people to take photos with us.

 photo CYMERA_20131218_200828_zpsb10ce86a.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131224_151533_zps3a232c62.jpg

Was down with high fever during the Christmas party flea (will blog about it on another post),
and it doesn't help when I have jobs to go. Maintaining myself all the way till I finally had 2 days break
to fall sick. Very sad life that I had to even control myself on falling sick. Totally weak & sickly that I haveto rely on panadols & ice cubes to bring down the temperature. It has been a bad year, falling sick
so much and always very serious each time.

Was in so much discomfort & pain while doing this shoot, heading to the location itself nearly killed me.
But I'm glad to perform as professionally as I could.

 photo 1491646_10152098948647422_1227464371_n_zps19fe6462.jpg

 photo 1544993_10152098952132422_461830055_n_zps191e58e8.jpg

Before I can fully recover with just a day of rest, I had to drag myself off the bed to settle some work admins.

 photo CYMERA_20131223_175740_zpsb783d024.jpg

Went to meet the Kakis for our yearly gift exchange & Xmas dinner. Doesn't want to miss it so I still went for it after popping the pills.

 photo 1525529_10152088277773622_62254242_n_zpsbba17aa0.jpg

 photo 20131223_220054_zpsdccca2d1.jpg

Christmas eve was spent at Dom lounge, and met a couple of the always supportive friends.

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 photo 1526817_10151865732542263_2113956702_n_zps2741c2ba.jpg

 photo 1538689_10151907956922983_1228328985_n_zps9ecbb2cf.jpg

My hands went semi-paralysed & it seems like I've used up all my tad bit of energy left after the job ends.
So crazily busy at work! Why so happening!

Went over to M place for simple Christmas celebration on Christmas day!

 photo 20131225_174722_zpscd986b36.jpg

Mahjong is like a norm for their family as long we had 4 players.

 photo 1526568_10152091039398622_511936390_n_zps0e5fbc76.jpg

Left at night for work again zzzzzzzz!
You see we girls always complain about work but we still couldn't resist those high rates waving at us.
So just shut up & work!

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That pretty sum up my hectic Christmas week!

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