06 December 2013

My first ever flea booth at Gardener's day out !

Hello all! 
By the courtesy of Blogshop Asia , I will be having a flea booth tomorrow,
7 Dec 13, from 9am - 6pm selling brand new stocks from my store 
Love Mellojello !
All new stocks that have yet to shoot & launch will be sold there tomorrow too at a flat rate of $15 each. YES, ALL each at $15 only just at my flea booth! 

Brand new quality dangling earrings stocks also selling at 3 pairs for $4 only! 

Venue: Hort Park Atrium (33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road, Singapore 119578) (Nearest station: Commonwealth MRT)

Do come down and support, never buy wanna come see see look look at me also ok,
just remember to pack me some foog/ drinks! Hahahaha

Tomorrow 7th Dec 13, 9am - 6pm , Hort Park Atrium !

 photo gardernerflea_zps43e91bf3.jpg

I would love to take photos of the awesome pieces & earrings that HAVE YET TO EVEN LAUNCH, but I am having papers in 12 hours time I don't have the time to do so :( :(

You know it's was so last minute that I haven't even prepare any banner for my store.
It's like, I know I'll be doing flea sooner or later but everything was only confirmed like today for this flea.
It just hit me that I am doing a flea, and people don't know it's my store, and I ought to actually make use of this opportunity to advertiseeeee ! Oh my god oh my god!

Not to forget I am having my first Finance paper tomorrow. So i'll be heading to the flea right after my paper in the noon. Mum will be helping me for the opening. You know, so sad to not able to see your own label's very first "opening" ! Urrrgghhh!

Nonetheless, see you guys tomorrow ok! 

Special thanks for www.blogshopasia.com once again!


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